Concrete Related Products

Cure and Seals, Evaporation Retarders, Surface Retarders
Roll or spray on surface products for use during or after placement of concrete. These are good for extending the life and protecting the surface of concrete.

Expansion Joints
Fiber or foam based strips used for controlling cracks in concrete by isolating one piece of concrete from another to allow movement during freeze/thaw cycles.  Typically used when exterior concrete meets up to a structure or another slab a good example would be in the transition from your driveway to your garage.

Reinforcing Steel Rebar
Available in No. 4 bar up to twenty foot pieces. Typically used as primary reinforcement in slabs.

We carry various types of Fiber related products for concrete to meet your needs.

UltraFiber 500

UltraFiber 500 is a cellulose nano fiber improves durability and provides superior finishability to standard fiber reinforced concrete.

Masterfiber MAC 360 FF

Master Fiber MAC 360 FF

is an industrial grade Synthetic Hybrid Fiber from BASF.

We deal with many suppliers of fiber reinforcing and can typically get whatever fiber your project requires.  These are just a couple examples of what we currently have in stock.



Concrete Blocks

Precast one yard or half yard knob style blocks. Used for stacking into barriers.