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Concrete Mixes

Standard PSI Mixes Ready-mix concrete designed to fit varying strength requirements. Used for residential work, commercial buildings, road work and an infinite other number of applications. Most commonly used for driveways, slabs, footers, sidewalks and parking lots. Each order can be customized to a specific strength, or psi, typically from 2000 psi upwards.
Decorative and Exposed Aggregate Mixes Ready-mix concrete used in more aesthetic applications. Concrete can have dye added for color, river gravel added for exposed aggregate (commonly used in patios and pool decks), be stained in any pattern, or stamped to achieve the look of other building materials (e.g.. brick, slate).
Grout Mixes A non-aggregate containing concrete commonly used for filling block foundations or as pipe bedding.
Self-Consolidating Mixes Concrete that doesn't require vibration as a finishing technique. Good for use in aesthetic applications with smooth surfaces and pre-cast structures, such as tilt-up walls.
Flowable Fill Low slump concrete that is useful in applications where concrete removal will be necessary in the future, such as pipe bedding and backfill.
Pervious Concrete "When it rains, it drains!" Pervious concrete is a porous mix that is commonly used in areas, like parking lots, that require drainage. Using pervious concrete can replace the need for retention ponds and is considered a green concrete solution.
Lightweight Mixes Concrete using lightweight aggregate that has a lower unit weight per yard. Lightweight can be used in elevated floor slabs or whenever there is a need for concrete that will not weigh as much as regular concrete.
Pump Mixes Mixes specially designed for better pumpability, whether pouring in an existing basement or into wall forms. These mixes have a different ratio of fine and coarse aggregates than standard mixes without compromising psi.
Shotcrete Concrete designed specifically for lining pipes or walls. Typically used in mining applications to reinforce ceilings and columns.

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*Please note that each job and project is different. For best results, please contact our dispatch staff to ensure the exact material needed.*


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