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Frequently Asked Questions about Concrete

Question: Are concrete and cement the same thing?
Answer: No, cement is one of the main additives of concrete. When cement is mixed with water and coarse and fine aggregates, then you have concrete. Cement is a pozzolanic material that reacts with water to form concrete. Concrete, in its plastic (or wet) form, is the building material used everyday in construction.

Question: How much concrete do I need?
Answer: Concrete is measured in cubic feet. You can call our dispatchers to have them calculate your measurements or you can use our concrete calculator located here.

Question: How long does it take for concrete to set up?
Answer: Under most conditions, concrete will become hard within 3-4 hours after placement. We recommend that you stay off the concrete for at least 3 days. Light vehicle traffic is acceptable after no less than 7 days. Concrete will gain it's intial strength within those first 7 days. Within 28 days, concrete is considered cured and to have reached the desired strength by then. Concrete can continue to gain strength over the years.

Question: What is slump?
Answer: Slump is a measure of how wet the concrete is. The higher the slump, the more fluid, or wet, the concrete is. The lower the slump, the drier, or stiff, the concrete is. Without the use of water reducing admixtures, we reccommend not exceeding a slump of 4" in order to maintain structural integrity.

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